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Books and Monographs

James Igoe Walsh. The Effectiveness of Drone Strikes in Counterinsurgency and Counterterrorism Campaigns. Carlisle: Strategic Studies Institute, Army War College, 2013.

James Igoe Walsh. The International Politics of Intelligence Sharing. New York: Columbia University Press, 2010.

Named "Choice Outstanding Academic Title" for 2010.
Reviewed in: International Studies Review, Journal of Common Market Studies, Perspectives on Politics, Studies in Intelligence, Military Review, Political Science Quarterly.

James Igoe Walsh. European Monetary Integration and Domestic Politics. Boulder: Lynne Rienner, 2000.

Read chapter 2, chapter 3, chapter 6. Reviewed in Foreign Affairs, European Union Studies Association Review.

Articles and Chapters

Walsh, James Igoe. Forthcoming. Precision Weapons, Civilian Casualties, and Support for the Use of Force. Political Psychology.

Conrad, Justin, and James Igoe Walsh. Forthcoming. International Cooperation, Spoiling, and Transnational Terrorism. International Interactions.

Conrad, Courtenay, Justin Conrad, James A. Piazza, and James Igoe Walsh. Forthcoming. Why Military Forces Respond to Terrorism with Torture. Foreign Policy Analysis.

James Igoe Walsh. Intelligence Sharing. In Routledge Companion to Intelligence Studies, ed. Rob Dover, Michael Goodman, and Claudia Hillebrand. New York: Routledge, 2014.

Walsh, James Igoe. Big Data, Insider Threats, and International Intelligence Sharing. CTX 4:1 (2014),49-57.

Megan Smith and James Igoe Walsh. Do Drone Strikes Degrade al Qaeda? Evidence from Propaganda Output. Terrorism and Political Violence (2013) 25:2, pp. 311-317.

James A. Piazza and James Igoe Walsh. Terrorism and Human Rights: Editors' Introduction. PS:Political Science and Politics (2010), pp. 407-409.

James A. Piazza and James Igoe Walsh. Physical Integrity Rights and Terrorism. PS: Political Science and Politics (2010), pp. 411-414.

James Igoe Walsh and James A. Piazza. Why Respecting Physical Integrity Rights Reduces Terrorism. Comparative Political Studies 43:3 (2010), pp. 551-577.

James Igoe Walsh. Media Attention to Terrorist Attacks: Causes and Consequences. Institute for Homeland Security Solutions Research Brief, December 2010.

James Igoe Walsh. Intelligence Sharing and United States Counter-Terrorism Policy. In Emerging Transnational Security Governance, ed. Ersel Aydinli (New York: Routledge, 2010).

James A. Piazza and James Igoe Walsh. Transnational Terrorism and Human Rights. International Studies Quarterly 53:1 (March 2009).

James Igoe Walsh. Intelligence Sharing for Counter-Insurgency. Defense and Security Analysis 24:3 (2008): 281-301.

James Igoe Walsh. How and Why Britain Might Join the Single Currency. Review of International Political Economy 14:5 (2007): 868-892.

James Igoe Walsh. Do States Play Signaling Games? Cooperation and Conflict 42:4 (2007): 441-459.

James Igoe Walsh. Defection and Hierarchy in International Intelligence Sharing. Journal of Public Policy 27:2 (2007): 151-181.

James Igoe Walsh. Institutions Are Not Enough: Intelligence Sharing in the European Union. Journal of Common Market Studies 44:3 (2006): 625-643.

James Igoe Walsh. Policy Failure and Policy Change. Comparative Political Studies 39:4 (2006): 490-518.

James Igoe Walsh. Persuasion in International Politics: A Rationalist Account. Politics and Policy 33:4 (2005).

James Igoe Walsh. Capital Mobility, Domestic Politics, and French Monetary Diplomacy. Review of Policy Research 19:1 (2002): 80-106.

James Igoe Walsh. National Preferences and International Institutions: Evidence from European Monetary Integration. International Studies Quarterly 45:1 (2001).

James Igoe Walsh. When Do Ideas Matter? Explaining the Successes and Failures of Thatcherite Ideas. Comparative Political Studies 31:4 (2000): 483-516.

James Igoe Walsh. Mixed Signals: Britain and the Franco-German Relationship. In France-Germany in the Twenty-First Century, ed. Patrick McCarthy. New York: Palgrave, 2000.

James Igoe Walsh. Political Bases of Macroeconomic Adjustment: Evidence from the Italian Experience. Journal of European Public Policy 6:1 (1999): 66-84.

James Igoe Walsh. The Uncertain Path to Monetary Union. In Italian Politics: Mapping the Future, ed. Martin Rhodes and Luciano Bardi (Boulder: Westview, 1998). Also published as L’incerto cammino verso l’Unione monetaria, Politica in Italia, ed. Martin Rhodes and Luciano Bardi (Bologna: Il Mulino, 1998.

James Igoe Walsh. Politics and Exchange Rates: Britain, France, Italy, and the Negotiation of the European Monetary System. Journal of Public Policy 14:3 (1995): 345-69.

James Igoe Walsh. International Constraints and Domestic Choices: Economic Convergence and Exchange Rate Policy in France and Italy. Political Studies 42:2 (1994): 243-58.